One on One Coaching

The One on One coaching program is specifically for those who would prefer to have some direct contact with Blaine and be coached at a very deep level without any other mastermind partners on the call.

Since the coaching is one on one, it has the highest level of accountability and requires the most commitment to growth. Blaine demands a very high level of implementation on the suggestions he’ll be making during your one on one calls. If you are extremely committed to rapid growth and are a proven implementer of ideas, the, one on one coaching may just be for you.

Although the One on One Coaching is available to anyone who qualifies, it is highly recommended to first be part of a Black Belt Team to get the benefits of the masterminding that occurs in the teams. Reach out to any of our team members and we’d be happy to talk with you about our One on One program.

There is a six month minimum commitment for One on One coaching for anybody not already enrolled in a Black Belt Team. If you're already a member of a Black Belt Team, the One on One coaching is month to month as needed, with an additional coaching fee of $300 added to your Black Belt membership.