Coach The Coaches

The Coach the Coaches program is our elite ‘By Invite Only’ training program for those committed to becoming coaches in the Real Value Coaching Academy.

Blaine has a 20+ year track record of training some of the world’s best teachers and coaches in the personal and business development arena. To be eligible for invite into the Coach the Coaches program, one has to have been part of either the Black Belt Team coaching or our One on One coaching program for at least 2 years with a proven track record of success, growth, and implementation of the principles and ideas Blaine coaches on in those programs.

In addition to meeting those basic time and success requirements, the selection process for the CTC program is rooted in the philosophy of ‘aptitude first, skill second’. This means that not everybody is cut out to coach others. There are several personality traits and a particular aptitude for teaching and coaching that one must possess to be an effective leader and teacher of others. If you have been part of the RVCA Black Belt coaching or One on One coaching for at least 2 years, have a desire to coach others, and earn additional income, we likely already know that about you and will be sending you a ‘Golden Invitation’ to our CTC Program.